I just LOVE my nephew! He's so likable, has always found it easy to talk with adults, and loves working places that he can be around people. Here are his summer pics and then come fall, he'll be including football pics!


Meet Keaton. Marysville High School senior who has the best personality around. He later told his mom and girlfriend that he cooperated just so he didn't get in trouble with them ;) Keaton actually admitted to having a great time. Here is one of my faves from his session. I think it shows off his laid back personality and down-home roots.

Here are several of his outfit choices- relaxed but great colors on Keaton. Oh- and then there's his girlfriend who happened to be my lighting assistant for the day :) We just had to get several of them together in the water. Keaton was one of those smarties this year who chose 2 locations that were literally 2 minutes apart. That assured he had plenty of shoot time. We were even done a few minutes early since we were able to get so many great shots- Doesn't he have a killer smile? This guy can seriously make the camera look good!

Did I mention Keaton loves all things cars? He works for a car dealership- was actually fought over by 2 separate dealerships for his mad mechanical skills. His future will probably involve cars in some way. This car is his baby. Even though he's done a lot of work to it, he still has a list a mile long of what he'd like to do next.

Did I mention Keaton loves all things cars? He works for a car dealership- was actually fought over by 2 separate dealerships for his mad mechanical skills. His future will probably involve cars in some way. This car is his baby. Even though he's done a lot of work to it, he still has a list a mile long of what he'd like to do next.

Here are a few more of Mr. Keaton. The two pictures on the left are from the second location he chose in Milford Center, Ohio. Covered bridges are a popular spot for high school guys wanting their senior portraits. Love that he wasn't afraid to get in the water. 

And laughter.... one of my favorites in each session are the real, candid shots. Congrats on your upcoming graduation Keaton! Thank you for choosing Lady Brio Photography for your senior shoot. :) We had a blast! 


Meet Sydney! One of my 2016 Team Brio models. This girl is not only stunning visually- yup... modeling for an agency is in her repertoire! She's also the owner of a beautiful heart... thinking of others, oozing kindness even if she's frustrated, basically treating people the way she wants to be treated.


During the Lady Brio fashion show last year (proceeds to combat human trafficking), Sydney helped other models with their cat-walk strut and held the spotlight performing with her baton. Competitive twirling is a very important part of her life and is something she'd like to focus on in college as well! She even coaches young baton twirlers from her town and focuses on building these girls up with words of encouragement. 

Whatever she's doing, Sydney has a heart for Christ and loves going to Youth For Christ camps, youth group, and hanging with her friends. Have a wonderful rest of your Senior year Sydney! Excited for your future. :)



Awww... this girl. I probably cannot even begin to scratch the surface of her amazing-ness. Cassie was part of Team Brio last year as a model from Jonathan Alder. She was always one of those people you knew you could count on regardless of the situation... fashion show, crazy weather, help out a friend, etc. She comes at everything with a laid back approach and helping hand and I love those qualities! 

First off, we had to show off her athletic abilities on the tennis court. Her session started here and my assistant Whitney and I had sooooo much fun! We brought water balloons for her mom to throw at her to get some great splash in a photo (umm... yes. We had her MOM throw the balloons- no way were we getting in trouble if things went badly) :) She brought her adorable dogs who both got into some great shots and they were not short on personality either!

At the next location we were in for a grand surprise! One of my favorite portrait locations for seniors had flowers IN BLOOM and it was OCTOBER!!! And, Cassie had happened to pack a white, springy dress. It couldn't have been a better match. Seniors, if you are trying to decide where to have pictures in Central Ohio, you have to ask me about this place. You can tell by the variety of her clothing that  you can do so much here! Water, train, trails, trees, flowers, bridge, ivy, fences, barns.... I mean what else could you possibly want? All in Hilliard, Ohio. 

Another tip to make senior portraits go exceptionally well? Try to take the laid- back approach Cassie has. She was willing to try wearing hats, stand in front of a blue train, get photos with her mom, sit on a straw bale, wear springy clothes during a fall session. The attitude was "why not?!" And I can tell you, the length of the ordering session showed we all had a hard time narrowing down the favorites ;) 

It may have had something to do with her beautiful brown eyes too and lovely hair that mom styled (who is a beautician by the way). And just one more for the road..... Thanks for a WONDERFUL time Cassie and for being YOU. :) 


Meet Carley; a senior at Marysville High School! Such a beauty from the inside out. I adore her so much and we had a blast. Some of my favorite parts about Carley's senior photo shoot is that it was just that... Carley's. She jumped right into customizing her session in so many ways with personalized touches. We started in Milford Center where there is character galore. The assistant, Whitney and I drug an old vintage counter out of the barn and Carley was completely on board with using it as a prop. 

Some other uber fun props Carley brought with her was her dog who knew how to smile and real peacock feathers to accent her beautiful prom dress. Her mom even jumped in on a photo which is always so special. I highly recommend it girls! Oh- and PROM DRESSES- such a fun style to add in to your photos to make you feel beautiful. 

This shot right here was one of Carley and my favorite photos of the day! It was schemed up by Carley who had seen a photo of a senior on some wood pallets in a prom dress. We both brought our collection of mason jars to add to the effect and lit tealights in them.... although it is a little hard to tell. I love the drama of the shadow and light in this.

Afterwards, this artsy senior, her mom, my assistant and I headed off to location #2 to add in some water. Carley wanted to create fluidity in her session by carrying over the rustic backdrop and loves covered bridges. 

The photo of Carley peaking around the red bridge is hanging up as a spectacular, beautiful, large canvas at her home.... just waiting for her brother's photo to hang beside it someday. 

One of my favorite moments during the shoot was when we used one of Carley's favorite candies (Sour Patch Kids) to write out her class on her hands. She rocked that shot and looked adorable! 

Thank you for the absolutely amazing senior session and the opportunity to meet you! You are such a special young lady. Good luck next year in college!

LINDSEY (Summer Shoot)

Shooting this gem's senior photos was a beautiful accident. :) We were at the same graduation open house and one of my Lady Brio models encouraged Lindsey to talk senior photos with me. Lindsey had been trying to decide where to go for photography. At her friend's urging, she came over and introduced herself like a boss (aka probably about 15 years more mature). The rest is history. We shot not 1, but 2 sessions and had a ball! 

This was one of my favorite locations for Lindsey- she NEVER had a pair of shoes on except to walk between spots. Her relaxed and laid back approach went beautifully with the rural surroundings. Here are a few favorites from this spot in Ostrander, Ohio.

Tip for future seniors: Bring both parents with you to your shoot and make it a family memory! Every once in awhile a brave dad will venture out with us on the shoot and this one in particular was super helpful... keeping shady characters at bay, helping pull a fish hook out of my foot, and carrying props. I think Lindsey is definitely a special young lady who's parents think the world of her. I wish ALL seniors were as lucky!

The next stop was more refined but still full of rustic-charm. Settled in Hilliard, Ohio; patriotic themes, volleyball, covered bridges, and a bright blue train added so many wonderful touches. This is definitely one of my most loved spots for photography in the buckeye state. Lindsey rocked this place as well. I don't think there's a location that wouldn't fit this girl :) 

Gorgeous skin, vivid blue eyes, and signature blonde hair. Just WOW! Can't wait to tell you about the second shoot we had in the fall. 

LOVE the mod blue train!!

Till next time!


Every once in awhile, along comes a fierce male ready to have senior portraits done at Lady Brio Photography. My nephew is no exception. This classy senior put up with all the family comments and my own during his session without rolling his eyes! (At least in front of me). :)  

It might be safe to say we had fun. But I'll let him tell you that. ;) Smiles came freely with little brother using an accent, saying "Coca Cola". Works every time! Christian chose several rustic locations. The first was in rural Milford Center, Ohio. He was able to really dress down with this covered bridge that was a popular spot this year for senior portraits.


Christian incorporated his hobbies of basketball at the first location and golf at the second which is always fun. LOVE sports pictures!! His next location chosen was a preserve in Dublin, Ohio. 

By this point I knew Christian was about smiled out with portraits so we made quick work to get this location complete. He NAILED his poses. 

The middle picture above just so happens to be my favorite smile of the whole session. And word to the wise- make sure you don't have wisdom teeth pulled the next day! Poor Christian hardly enjoyed his swag bag from the session (filled with candy) until weeks afterwards. Ugg! That's alright! He made it all look easy and had a great attitude. 

Great shoot Christian/ Mr. GQ!


Meet Avery...

...a gem of a girl who attends Jonathan Alder High School. She is not only beautiful but intelligent too.

With college courses already under her belt, she is an over-achiever with a bright future ahead of her; most likely in the medical field.

Avery chose her locations in Milford Center, Ohio within very close proximity to each other. Both locations also had similar features of rustic charm. Here are her senior photos from the first stop:


The flowery shirt was a perfect choice for the barns! The girl has style :) Next up was a covered bridge which I personally love because there are many options for poses. 

With wind-swept hair, doesn't she look like she's on vacation? This is what we call "model hair." Have a great rest of your senior year Avery!


The first time I met Abbey, I knew we were going to hit it off! She is clearly a sweet individual who has a great attitude and an infectious smile. And not to mention her eyes, but really? I had to be nosy and ask if they were blue-tinted contacts. Apparently people ask her all the time and the answer is most definitely, no. Here is an example of THE eyes... (unedited by the way)

Anyway, we started off in Westerville, OH at a beautiful park that is ALWAYS in bloom. It's pretty typical to see at least 5 other senior photographers and models there and this day was no exception. It was a beautiful day and one of my favorites. Abbey is a natural in front of the camera. Here are a few of the first location.....

Side note, the top photo is Abbey's mom's favorite one. After we spent an hour traipsing over acres of nature, we ventured off to location #2. One of the things I love about Abbey is she was adventurous enough to try a new place that no other Lady Brio senior has used before- another gem in Westerville, Ohio. Did you know Abbey is adventurous in other ways too? Don't let the quiet ones fool you! This girl is a diva when it comes to hip hop classes. 

Several other fun facts about this girl is she is a twin and she was recently accepted into THE Ohio State University! Officially a Buckeye. Her momma raised her right. This girl has a bright future :) 


I first met Sarah about 6 years ago. Even then, she appeared shy but those eyes sparkle so much with energy that I'm betting my impression was wrong! I tease her that she had better win Fairbanks High School class of 2018 prettiest eyes. But, seriously... 

See what I mean? Anyways, Sarah's a great example of a senior who wasn't completely sure she wanted makeup done by our team. She is a natural beauty and was concerned foundation and eye makeup would make her look like someone else. I can gladly share she actually liked her makeup! The artist was aware of Sarah's feelings and made sure to do things exactly the way Sarah would feel comfortable. The beautiful thing is, you only notice her glowing skin- NOT makeup :) 

We had a great time at the location Sarah chose in Milford Center, Ohio. The water was high enough that we could use Sarah's adventurous side to create some fun and playful shots.

Then we headed off towards Dublin, Ohio to have fun at Mitchell's Berry Farm in Plain City. They have the most friendly owners around, wine made from their farm's strawberries, and a sweet vintage truck that Sarah was excited to use. 

I loved that Sarah was willing to bring her dog last minute. She even gave him a bath and had him all shiny. My favorite part is his name is steve :) he sounds so human! we ended up calling sarah's best friend (my lighting assistant) the "dog whisperer" because she was the only one able to get steve to lOOK for a picture WHILE with his girl. 

Not only is Sarah one of the SWEETEST seniors you will meet, she is also very talented. Go check out her photography skills at You might just see Steve a few more times too! ;) 


One of the sweetest seniors I met this year! I just love when seniors are not only accomplished but humble. Think Tim McGraw's song, "Always be Humble and Kind". If you know Cassidy, you know horses are important to her. She competes but the desire to win is not ahead of her desire to do what is best for her horse. We started off the session with photos of her and her long-time horse that is now getting along in years. These are by far my favorite. There is so much sweet emotion between these two. 

Then we finished at the first location with her competition horse. And what a sweet horse she was! The two horses did NOT like being separated and this one thought SHE was the senior getting photos done! She patiently posed and held still unlike most horses I've had the pleasure of working with. 

Cassidy is DEFINITELY a southern charm girl and it shows in her location choices. After horse pictures we headed over to Ostrander, Ohio for some wildflower pictures. I just love this location because there are so many options. Cassidy rocked out in a straw hat and looked right at home on my patchwork quilt! It was definitely my version of the perfect senior session. 

It was definitely my version of the perfect senior session. 


Makayla is a senior at Marysville High School and counting down the days until graduation. I feel this unique camaraderie with her as she will be going to my Alma Mater, Cedarville University (in the cornfields of Ohio) to study the same major that I did....psychology. When she graduates CU, she plans to pursue a career in occupational therapy. Most of the time, she is found hanging out with friends, spending as much time as she can with her younger siblings and investing in a prayer group she started at the high school.

Most recently she was featured on the 2017 issue of the Lady Brio magazine, "Seniors". Here is an excerpt of what she shared....  "When choosing your senior portrait photographer be sure to choose one that will guide you on the entire progress. They should show you all of their work and talk to you about clothes, colors, and locations that work best. You can’t go wrong with this studio. Beth is so dedicated to what she does and really cares about making sure YOU are happy with your pictures. They exceeded my expectations!"
Central Ohio

During Makayla's stylized senior shoot, we shared ALOT of laughter.... talking about her recent missions trip to Africa where she went bungee jumping, great white shark cage diving, and spent time teaching little children about Jesus.

Makayla has some very eclectic taste in what she likes and I think she was able to show case this extremely well in her session. We started urban with some cute, chic/ urban clothing and she found the cutest hat to wear along with strappy sandals. Then she went with a more sleek and elegant blue tank with the perfect heels.

After we spent some time in the alleys in Marysville, she opted for a location she had never seen, fully trusting my opinion. (I completely love scouting out new locations and this was no exception!) Some personal friends generously allowed us to use their property in the country- wildflowers galore and a rustic barn. Here she went with a simple flowy, white sundress where she could hi-light her love of the Bible, flowers, the sun. Then she changed into her Americana gear- looking like she stepped out of a Ralph Lauren magazine. I would definitely say that she knows her style! And did I mention she's a natural in front of the camera?


My beautiful Liberian friend came to America (Marysville, Ohio) almost 11 years ago. Since that time, she has completed K-12 in 6 years, learned the English language (simultaneously), and has won the hearts of all of those around her. 

You may see her on Lady Brio senior shoots using her many talents. Kendal is a natural at modeling (but denies a future due to her teeny tiny size) ;) She is a makeup artist, and assists me with lighting. Kendal is also talented in fashion advice (note the bright orange color really helps her stand out from the background) and can also do hair. 

I thought it appropriate to give Kendal my first blog post :) She is so dedicated and hard-working. (And beautiful!)