One of the sweetest seniors I met this year! I just love when seniors are not only accomplished but humble. Think Tim McGraw's song, "Always be Humble and Kind". If you know Cassidy, you know horses are important to her. She competes but the desire to win is not ahead of her desire to do what is best for her horse. We started off the session with photos of her and her long-time horse that is now getting along in years. These are by far my favorite. There is so much sweet emotion between these two. 

Then we finished at the first location with her competition horse. And what a sweet horse she was! The two horses did NOT like being separated and this one thought SHE was the senior getting photos done! She patiently posed and held still unlike most horses I've had the pleasure of working with. 

Cassidy is DEFINITELY a southern charm girl and it shows in her location choices. After horse pictures we headed over to Ostrander, Ohio for some wildflower pictures. I just love this location because there are so many options. Cassidy rocked out in a straw hat and looked right at home on my patchwork quilt! It was definitely my version of the perfect senior session. 

It was definitely my version of the perfect senior session.