The first time I met Abbey, I knew we were going to hit it off! She is clearly a sweet individual who has a great attitude and an infectious smile. And not to mention her eyes, but really? I had to be nosy and ask if they were blue-tinted contacts. Apparently people ask her all the time and the answer is most definitely, no. Here is an example of THE eyes... (unedited by the way)

Anyway, we started off in Westerville, OH at a beautiful park that is ALWAYS in bloom. It's pretty typical to see at least 5 other senior photographers and models there and this day was no exception. It was a beautiful day and one of my favorites. Abbey is a natural in front of the camera. Here are a few of the first location.....

Side note, the top photo is Abbey's mom's favorite one. After we spent an hour traipsing over acres of nature, we ventured off to location #2. One of the things I love about Abbey is she was adventurous enough to try a new place that no other Lady Brio senior has used before- another gem in Westerville, Ohio. Did you know Abbey is adventurous in other ways too? Don't let the quiet ones fool you! This girl is a diva when it comes to hip hop classes. 

Several other fun facts about this girl is she is a twin and she was recently accepted into THE Ohio State University! Officially a Buckeye. Her momma raised her right. This girl has a bright future :)