Awww... this girl. I probably cannot even begin to scratch the surface of her amazing-ness. Cassie was part of Team Brio last year as a model from Jonathan Alder. She was always one of those people you knew you could count on regardless of the situation... fashion show, crazy weather, help out a friend, etc. She comes at everything with a laid back approach and helping hand and I love those qualities! 

First off, we had to show off her athletic abilities on the tennis court. Her session started here and my assistant Whitney and I had sooooo much fun! We brought water balloons for her mom to throw at her to get some great splash in a photo (umm... yes. We had her MOM throw the balloons- no way were we getting in trouble if things went badly) :) She brought her adorable dogs who both got into some great shots and they were not short on personality either!

At the next location we were in for a grand surprise! One of my favorite portrait locations for seniors had flowers IN BLOOM and it was OCTOBER!!! And, Cassie had happened to pack a white, springy dress. It couldn't have been a better match. Seniors, if you are trying to decide where to have pictures in Central Ohio, you have to ask me about this place. You can tell by the variety of her clothing that  you can do so much here! Water, train, trails, trees, flowers, bridge, ivy, fences, barns.... I mean what else could you possibly want? All in Hilliard, Ohio. 

Another tip to make senior portraits go exceptionally well? Try to take the laid- back approach Cassie has. She was willing to try wearing hats, stand in front of a blue train, get photos with her mom, sit on a straw bale, wear springy clothes during a fall session. The attitude was "why not?!" And I can tell you, the length of the ordering session showed we all had a hard time narrowing down the favorites ;) 

It may have had something to do with her beautiful brown eyes too and lovely hair that mom styled (who is a beautician by the way). And just one more for the road..... Thanks for a WONDERFUL time Cassie and for being YOU. :)