I first met Sarah about 6 years ago. Even then, she appeared shy but those eyes sparkle so much with energy that I'm betting my impression was wrong! I tease her that she had better win Fairbanks High School class of 2018 prettiest eyes. But, seriously... 

See what I mean? Anyways, Sarah's a great example of a senior who wasn't completely sure she wanted makeup done by our team. She is a natural beauty and was concerned foundation and eye makeup would make her look like someone else. I can gladly share she actually liked her makeup! The artist was aware of Sarah's feelings and made sure to do things exactly the way Sarah would feel comfortable. The beautiful thing is, you only notice her glowing skin- NOT makeup :) 

We had a great time at the location Sarah chose in Milford Center, Ohio. The water was high enough that we could use Sarah's adventurous side to create some fun and playful shots.

Then we headed off towards Dublin, Ohio to have fun at Mitchell's Berry Farm in Plain City. They have the most friendly owners around, wine made from their farm's strawberries, and a sweet vintage truck that Sarah was excited to use. 

I loved that Sarah was willing to bring her dog last minute. She even gave him a bath and had him all shiny. My favorite part is his name is steve :) he sounds so human! we ended up calling sarah's best friend (my lighting assistant) the "dog whisperer" because she was the only one able to get steve to lOOK for a picture WHILE with his girl. 

Not only is Sarah one of the SWEETEST seniors you will meet, she is also very talented. Go check out her photography skills at You might just see Steve a few more times too! ;)