Session fees begin at only $199!

Collections (starting at $750) are sold separately. 

This all-inclusive senior experience begins the moment you sign on as a Lady Brio Senior! 
1. The sitting fee covers makeup (and possibly hair), a fashion consultation, a 2.5 hour photo shoot, a lighting assistant during the shoot, time to edit all of your photos to perfection, a reveal (ordering) session, and delivery of your products. It also holds your spot on the calendar!
2. Then a fashion consultation at my home helps us customize your photo shoot to your unique vision. You can choose designer clothing from the boutique closet to wear for your session and check out all of the photo products in our collections. 
3. The day of the session, you have the choice of makeup only OR makeup + hair tastefully done by a stylist who will meet you on location as well as stay to change looks throughout the session to perfectly match your outfits! "Comfortable" and "fun" are the words I hear most often from my seniors when describing the actual shoot. I will walk you through each step and make sure you have a blast! If you would like to include filming we will do that as well during your shoot! Sessions last up to 2.5 hours at 2 separate locations and outfit changes are unlimited (although four is a great number!) A lighting assistant accompanies us to assure the best results and also help to carry props, watch for tags, and stray hairs.
4. Two weeks after session, we will have a PARTY!!..... oops! I mean Reveal Session where you view and order your photos. Then your items are personally delivered to your doorstep and ready to display in your home.