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Meet Lady Brio

Hi! I’m so excited you are here!!! Beyond the outer appearance is something worth so much more…. your inner sparkle. "Brio" is Italian for enthusiastic vigor and diamonds represent a sparkling inside! My hope for any young lady is that she will radiate joy and integrity and let that inner sparkle shine…as a Lady Brio!

On a personal note…. Marysville, Ohio is home and probably always will be as long as the rest of my family call it home. (Although I've never given up on encouraging everyone to move to Hilton Head Island). My favorite things are quotes, windy days, country music, Chipotle Fajita Burritos, Jesus, Mom's lasagna, family, and did I mention the beach?

I am a counselor by trade but a photographer at heart. When girls began saying, "This is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL I HAVE EVER FELT!" and moms cried while watching their timid daughter come out of her shell at a senior photo shoot, I became hooked. I started to realize that I could encourage young ladies from behind a camera and not just in a counseling office. It became my passion!

I can’t wait to meet you so we can start planning an epic experience where YOU ARE A MODEL FOR THE DAY!