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Meet Lady Brio

I am a counselor by trade but a photographer at heart. Realizing I could encourage youth from behind a camera and not just in a counseling office, became my passion. So, “Lady Brio” was born....

What does "brio" mean? It's Italian for "full of LIFE".

A woman full of joy + grace + courage is living life to the fullest and the way God designed her. Naturally, photos are about the outward appearance. You can look at the most beautifully composed picture with perfect lighting and a flawless model but never actually connect or see a person's heart.

I want it to be DIFFERENT. I don't want just another pretty picture. The goal is to show others your HEART. Not a shallow replica of you, but instead, an attractiveness that shines because you have “a heart of diamonds.” (cliche? maybe. truth? absolutely)

And yes! Society may call it other things but guys need this just as much. Call it respect + honor + kindness if you will. Either way, it's the heart that matters the most and that’s what I want others to see when they see “Lady Brio Photography.”

BTW, my home is in Marysville Ohio, I have a smokin’ hot husband, two active kiddos, and a friendly golden named Raegan. We love HHI more than any other place on the earth, and Chipotle burritos are pretty amazing too!